Process post!

The Chicago Zine Fest is currently running a pin-back button-pack fundraiser-attack featuring awesome buttons by Nicole J. Georges, John Porcellino, Suzy X, Lilli Carré & Ramsey Beyer.  I was lucky enough to be asked to be the sixth artist in the group.  It’s a real honor to be included in a list with these fantastic folks.  Above are some images connected to my design.

My first design was a pun, “Bound to be a great zine!”  I submitted the drafts above to see what the organizers thought, and they told me they wanted something a little more recognizable as my style, so I came back with the photocopier-head reading a zine, snowman stapling zines, and a bug reading a zine about bugs.  They picked the bug.

Fun fact: fellow button team-mate Ramsey Beyer & I were co-founding organizers (along with Matt Whispers & STILL CURRENT (GEE WHIZ!) organizer Leslie Perrine) of CZF. I’m terrible with color, so I decided I would use the color palette Sara Drake used for the first year’s poster.

One final unused idea (not shown, or finalized beyond my sketchbook) was an anthropomorphic pizza slice yelling “PIZZA & ZINES!”…next time. 

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